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How we work?

For each image we will send you 3 stages to review (geometry, lighting and materials) in order to achieve the closest approach to what you want to communicate and the intentions of each client.

Framing and geometry

We will review the desired shot by sending 2 camera options from the area to make an approach between what is planned and what works for the communication of the project with the information provided. Once the camera is selected, the scene will be set with 3d models with a high-quality setting catalog that we have available.

The volume of the project will also be reviewed for any observations on the model and to be able to continue with the lighting.

1.- Teshima geometría.jpg


At this stage we will send  6 rendering tests to choose the lighting scene with its respective sky, reviewing the degrees of inclination of solar lighting. Once the lighting scene has been chosen, artificial lighting will be added if necessary and another test will be sent on the choice to detail lights.


Each render is with the volume completely blank to better visualize how light works in your shot and how it makes each image stand out.

2.- Teshima prueba luz.jpg


A test render is generated with the indicated textures from the references that you send us. Once approved, the file is sent to render in 4K.

3.- Teshima prueba materiales.jpg

Post production

We work with the file rendered  en post production to detail lighting, shadows, colors, tones, saturations and vegetation. As well as vignetting or grain effects, to detail the image and have the highest possible quality within the 4K image.


Ryūe Nishizawa - Teshima Museum, 3d image from photograph.

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